Laschian Kollektiv e.V. is a registered non-profit association.
Registered under VR 39602 B at Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany.


The Laschian collective’s mission is to provide a platform for borderless artists from all over the world in Germany. We are dedicated to supporting their integration into the Berlin art scene. In this manner, as a community, we seek to learn and grow, to form collaborations with gifted artists, and to nurture their talents. 

Our gatherings feature soul-touching music with a warm, welcoming atmosphere that encourages everyone to feel the ecstasy of the Here and Now while leaving behind the concerns of tomorrow amongst all the hustle and bustle of Berlin.

Our bazaar is becoming a playground for artists joining our collective during a magical time and space to show their talents, reach out to more hearts and sell their artworks at our events. A large portion of our proceeds is donated to those in need, especially families in underprivileged areas. 


Laschian started with the first gathering in 2020 in Berlin, a small music event with the purpose of engaging and exchanging ideas amongst other artists within our community. Our music events have grown steadily since then, with more unique ideas, and performances, as well as those like-minded people joining us to create and celebrate within a truly blessed, safe and welcoming community.


  • Our ultimate goal is to create a safe space for everyone. We are welcoming to all genders, ethnicities, and dear souls who see the values in our rules. We do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, sexism, violence, or any form of abuse or harassment towards our staff, crew, artists, and guests. 
  • Please feel free to flag anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, and notify the Laschian Crew immediately. We have our ears and hearts open for you. 
  • Do not touch anyone unless you have explicit permission to do so. We place special emphasis on this and will not tolerate otherwise.
  • “No” means “no”. Maybe” means “no”. Consent is the essence of Respect, Well-being, and Security. 
  • Violating any of the above community values will lead us to dismiss you from the gathering and ban you from the upcoming ones with no exception.

With open hearts, we thank you for respecting these values. With wide open arms, we welcome you into our community. Inspired by – and ready to celebrate – the magnificence of art, let us grow together and support artists and their creations. Together we can do more and be more.


Laschian Kollektiv e.V. is a registered non-profit association.
Registered under VR 39602 B at Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany.

We donate the profits made at our gatherings to people in need with focus on underprivileged children living in poverty. Every cent is a contribution in the life of those children. You are also contributing to this cause by acquiring your ticket to our events. You can also donate via our PayPal using the link below. 

Please mention “DONATION” as the purpose of the transaction.


Your Laschian crew

Get in touch with us per e-mail and later per heart!

LASCHIAN KOLLEKTIV e.V., c/o Hohensee, Naumannstr 14, 10829, Berlin, Germany
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